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lord of the rings inspired head-dresses   .  vintage revival / object trouve 





This web site is kept completly up to date & shows all the pieces from the collection & links to my main website where pieces created for individual clients are displayed.


Clients can order the accessories in either silver or gold with a choice of embellishments & colour finishes e.g. my Tiffany Glass Effects (TGE) ~ see example below:




Alternatively jewellery can be made up with a total colour change applied to the metal work- see Glory, Swan & the purple variation on Sylphid , this costs an extra 10%.


About half the orders I make are for pieces exactly like the sample or with small changes. The other half are orders based on one or two pieces from my collection, with alterations to accommodate certain colours & embellishments or completely new designs. To view a selection of these bespoke designs, please view my portfolio of Client's Commissions .



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For your convenience I have shown each piece as a still life shot & worn by a model.

I have also sketched various hairstyle ideas & given examples of head-dresses that suit them, should you require inspiration & advice on which pieces might work for you.

Hair Style Advice: Head-dresses & hair styles, what works?

Hair Style Advice: Head-dresses & hair styles, an illustrated guide.



To order head-dresses / accessories a visit to my showroom is recommended- head-dresses & masks, like hats, suit certain faces, hair styles, etc. However, if you cannot come to the showroom, you can contact me by telephone to discuss the accessories you are interested in & I can advise you as to which pieces would work best with your dress & hairstyle &, by sending me a head & shoulders photograph of yourself via email, advise which pieces would best suit you.

The earrings, evening bags, floral pins & crosses are all suitable candidates for mail ordering if a visit to my showroom is not possible- head-dresses & masks can be ordered via  mail order but my Throat Corset can only be ordered from the showroom.


Appointments are avaliable seven days a week, with evening appointments avaliable on Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays. For more information or to book an appointment, please submit an inquiry via my contact page or telephone: 01296 661296.


My showroom & studio is in Luton, Bedfordshire, five minutes from junction 11 of the M1 & about forty minutes by Thames Link train from London.

You can catch a Thames link train, which runs from Bedford to Brighton, from the following London Underground stations:
Elephant & Castle,
London Bridge,
City Thameslink,
King's Cross Thameslink,
Kentish Town,
West Hamstead Thameslink.

For a complete list of all stations the train calls at plus timetables, please use the link to the Thameslink website provided below.


All the gowns & accessories featured on this site are Chantal Mallett original designs (unless otherwise stated). Both the designs & photographic images on this web site are copyrighted to Chantal Mallett.


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